nat|u|ral1 W1S2 [ˈnætʃərəl] adj
8 natural justice/law
[Date: 1200-1300; : Old French; Origin: Latin naturalis, from natura; NATURE]
1.) ¦(NATURE)¦
existing in nature and not caused, made, or controlled by people
→↑artificial, man-made ↑man-made
the study of the natural world (=trees, rivers, animals, plants etc)
an area of spectacular natural beauty
natural disasters (=things such as floods orearthquakes)
death from natural causes
the need for natural light in offices
2.) ¦(NORMAL)¦
normal and as you would expect
≠ ↑unnatural, abnormal ↑abnormal
At the time, accepting his offer had seemed the most natural thing in the world .
it is natural (for sb) to do sth
It's not natural for a child of his age to be so quiet.
It's only natural that he should be interested in what happens.
It was a perfectly natural (=not surprising) mistake to make.
a natural tendency or type of behaviour is part of your character when you are born, rather than one that you learn later
Babies have a natural fear of falling.
4.) ¦(ABILITY)¦
having a particular quality or skill without needing to be taught and without needing to try hard
a natural musician
Cheryl has a natural elegance about her.
his natural ability with figures
5.) ¦(RELAXED)¦
behaving in a way that is normal and shows you are relaxed and not trying to pretend
Be cool, be natural.
6.) ¦(PARENT/CHILD)¦ [only before noun]
a) someone's natural parent or child is their real parent or child, who is ↑biologically related to them
An adopted young person has the right to trace his natural parents.
b) old-fashioned if someone is the natural child of someone, their parents were not married to each other
He was rumoured to be the natural son of a duke.
7.) ¦(REAL)¦
not connected with gods, magic, or ↑spirits
I'm sure there's a perfectly natural explanation.
8.) natural justice/law
justice that is based on human reason alone
9.) ¦(FOOD)¦
with nothing added to change the taste
natural yoghurt
technical a musical note that is natural has been raised from a ↑flat by one ↑semitone or lowered from a ↑sharp by one semitone
→↑sharp, flat ↑flat
>naturalness n [U]
Manufacturers now choose to emphasize the naturalness of the ingredients used in their products.
natural 2
natural2 n
1.) be a natural
to be good at doing something without having to try hard or practise
People think I am a natural, but I've had to work at it.
2.) technical
a) a musical note that has been changed from a ↑flat to be a ↑semitone higher, or from a ↑sharp to be a semitone lower
b) the sign in written music that shows this kind of musical note

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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